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Artists & Supporters


Día de Muertos: A Celebration of Life is a creative collaboration with local Oregon artists, and national and international artists.

Here is a list of our local artists and guests. This list is updated weekly.


Día de Muertos: a Celebration of life exists thanks to the people who believed in the project. Starting with generous support from the Oregon Community Foundation and many other institutions, organizations and individuals, and direct contributions are helping shape this project into a one of a kind celebration.

We are grateful to these supporters. This list is updated weekly.

Alejandro IV Barragan

Multimedia, Filmmaker and photographer. Alejandro is the Director of the Dia de Muertos Project and Propulsion Network. No artist has more skeletons in the closet than him. Literally!

Claudia Garza

Oregon artist, muralist, painter, member of Propulsion Network.

Joe Riso

Oregon Artist, Muralist, painter, member of the The Haven collective in SE Portland.

Adrian Padilla

Mexican Artist and Printmaking. Self-taught artist always interested in social justice, music, painting, poetry and graphic arts.

Alejandro Vaca

Mexican Artist and Printmaker. Self-taught artist interested in Mexican mythology and pre-Hispanic concepts.

Indra Arriaga

Mexican Artist based in Alaska. Painter, writer, film director, researcher. A true force of nature.

Baldomero Robles

Mexican Fine Artist and Zapotec Photographer. His work is an exploration of the contemporary contradictions of Mexico going through a social and cultural transformation. Represented by Propulsion Network in the North West.

Eduardo Cruz

Oregon multimedia Artist and Performer. Director, Founder and Leader of the group Huehca Omeyocan, featuring Mexican heritage, Chichimeca Aztec Music and Dance.

Palma Corral

Mexico-American Oregon Artist. Conceptual multidisciplinary creator of art installations using images, objects, organic substances, sounds, text and video.

Fernando Romero

Mexican Artist and Printmaker, Better known as Indio sin dios, Fernando Romero started printmaking as way of self-expression.

Jose Luis Franco Lozada

Mexican Artist and Printmaker.

Jessica Zapata

Jessica Zapata is Mexican artist, cultural promoter, architect, and educator.

Gerardo Calderon

Mexican Composer, Producer and Multi-instrumentalist.

Violeta Juárez

Mexican Artist Printmaking. Currently she is explores and reflects the relationship between death and the female historic aspect of its interpretation. 

Victor Trejo

Mexican Artist and Sculptor. Native of Mexico City now living in the beautiful northwest of the United States.

Alejandra Luckie

Mexican Artist Printmaking.

Jorge Porrata

Cuban Poet and Multi-Media Artist.

Hampton Rodriguez

Dominican artist based in Portland, Oregon. His work is egalitarian, expressionist, and filled with people’s mystique

Juan Carlos Reyes

Mexican Photographer

Maricela Figueroa

Mexican Photographer

Salvador San

Mexican Photographer

Eduardo Martinez

Mexican artist specialized in printmaking. 

Danielle Bean

Miniaturist specialist, Danielle found a beat up old dollhouse at the goodwill and her loved for mini things started. Since then had complete and restored over 30 dollhouses from every style and size, from an old farm house to an urban crackhouse to victorian.

Deborah Alastra

She has exhibited in California and Portland over the last 30 years. Her travel experiences, alongside her current residence in the lovely Pacific NW of the US, greatly inspire her work.

Institutions & Organizations

Business &


in not a particular order

Harvey Mathews / Portland
Harding Family / Portland
Adrian Roman  / Portland
Jose Garcia / Colorado
Jason Slavin  / Portland
Cynthia Bowie  / California
Alberto Aguilar  / Hillsboro
Hernadez Family / Portland
Adam Carpinelli / Portland
Barragan Family / Portland
Raven / Portland
Lalo Perez / Portland
Heather Flint  / Portland
Hector Guerrero / Portland
Lucia Gonzalez / Portland
Sofia Velasquez / Portland
Ari Meadows / Portland
Tucita Garnica / Portland
Azul Celeste  / Portland
Alexander / Woodburn
Zen Naylor / Utha
Marco A. Vilchis / Mexico
Claudia Garcia  / Mexico
Pamela Garcia  / Mexico