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A Celebration of Life


The Community

The Day of the Dead Celebration is the memory that keeps our dead alive.


La Ofrenda

An Ofrenda is an offering or altar — a collection of objects, pictures, and food, destined for the visitors on November 2.


Art Installations

The art sites scale from regular storage trucks, business venues and one shipping container.

Oregon Project

October 13 – November 3 / 2024

Día de Muertos: A Celebration of Life is a compilation of artistic installations and art exhibits across the State of Oregon, based on the community tradition of Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead has grown in popularity around the world in modern times. In the United States, it is known as an entertaining Mexican party. While it is related to Halloween at least in timing and the symbol of the skeleton, it is much more than just costumes and candy.


Día de Muertos una celebración de vida, es una compilación de instalaciones artísticas y exhibiciones de arte basadas en la tradición Mexicana del Día de Muertos distribuidas el en Estado de Oregón. El Día de los Muertos ha ganado popularidad en todo el mundo; en Los Estados Unidos es entendida como una fiesta mexicana. Si bien la relacionaban con Halloween por sus fechas cercanas y representaciones visuales del esqueleto, La celebracion de Dia de Muertos tiene un trasfondo más que solo disfraces y dulces.

El proyecto es una exploración de los orígenes y evolución de la celebración tradicional Mexicana del Día de Muertos. La esencia de respeto, amor, unidad y humor que caracteriza esta celebración de vida se transmite a cualquier persona. Ilustrando esa pregunta con las diversas formas de amor que nos definen como lo que significa ser humano. Estamos hechos de recuerdos e historias heredadas de generaciones pasadas.

The project is an exploration of the origins and evolution of the traditional Mexican celebration Day of the Dead. We are made of memories and stories inherited from past generations, and now is the time to honor them. The essence of respect, love, unity and humor infused in this celebration embraces any person, connecting us with the varied forms of love that answer the question of what it means to be human.

Day of the Dead 2024

Explore the sites and information about the Day of the dead.

Lucha Libre Ofrenda

Lucha Libre OfrendaCelebrities of Lucha Libre from Mexico and United States will perform for the Día de Muertos closing event in SE Portland.Casandro El Exotico / 23 minHomenaje al Santo / 4 minMedium / 2:48 minDía de Muertos a Celebration of Life Will Close the...

Café United

Xolos and Other Memories ExhibitOne of the most important characters in the Day of the Dead tradition are the Xoloitzcuintli, the original Mexican dogs.Café United Is Proud To Present the Work of Two Oregon ArtistsCafé United is hosting works of art by Oregon artists,...

Mexican Consulate

San Andres and other townsNov 2One of the most iconic celebrations of the Day of the Dead in central Mexico.San Andres is known for its traditional Day of the Dead Celebration.A photography exhibit in collaboration with the Mexican consulate of Mexico in Portland...

Elements of the Ofrenda

What Is an Ofrenda?The dialogue between two worlds.From the Neanderthal, to more recent past civilizations, to our own modern times, the belief in life after death has been present. Each culture has traditions and customs in place to reckon with this belief. The...

The Zone

Dia de Muertos Art ExhibitPropulsion Zone in downtown Portland will host most of the art installations of the 2023 Festival.Posada InstallationArbery's OfrendaNovember Schedule / Every Wednesday open from 4:00 pm to 8:00pm Or by appointment please contact...

Eugene Oregon Muertos

Día de Muertos Exhibits in EugeneAn artistic exhibit in Eugene documenting the Day of the Dead traditions.Eugene Arte Latino presents a photographic documentary series of the Día de Muertos in Mexico.Eugene Arte Latino, in collaboration with, will...

The Armory

Mictlan ExhibitFine art contemporary works of the origins and ongoing evolution of the Day of the Dead tradition.God Bat, Oil on Canvas interpretation by Mexican Artist Victor Miguel Barragan (Private Collection) To be display at the Armory.Artist Indra Arriaga...


MacarioA screening of the iconic 1960 magical realist film directed by Roberto Gavaldón.Only a limited number of free tickets were available. if you still ant to see the movie Macario will be at Woodburn Historical Museum / Bungalow Theatre on the 30 of October  with...


The Tradition Is Coming to YouA mobile gallery for the Day of the Dead.We are happy to report that the first exhibit of the Muerto / Propulsion Mobile for Cinco de Mayo 2023, in Woodburn, Oregon was a success! In collaboration with Chemeketa Woodburn Community college...

Mount Tabor Pet Ofrenda

The Tradition Includes Everyone We Have LovedDay of the Dead is a celebration of life and all its creatures......the bonds with our animals are no different.Chosen family sometimes comes with fur coats, feathers, or scales. The Day of the Dead includes anyone who...

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