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A sponsor and collaborator in this project, Propulsion Network has a program called Scavengers, a proud unit of individuals powered by ADHD. The project uses objects found at construction sites, garage sales, free items left in the curb, dumpsters, etc,  rescuing perfectly good materials with the purpose of reuse and recycling. The project has the commitment for the use and distribution of found and recycled materials to create art. Yes there are many still good materials in the trash. This is not a surprise for anyone.

“Día de Muertos, a celebration of life”  makes part of its practice to incorporate as much recycled or second hand materials as possible in the processes.  There are many creative ways to use these rescued materials that were on their way to the landfill. Now, these are becoming part of something more meaningful and save us money and pollution in the process.

En patrocinio y colaboración con este proyecto, Propulsion Network tiene un programa llamado Scavengers. Una unidad de producción diagnosticada con ADHD. El proyecto busca espacios de construcción, ventas de garaje, objetos dejados en esquinas o abandonados etc. se rescatan materiales en buenas condiciones para reciclarlas y reutilizarlas; El proyecto tiene el compromiso de usar y distribuir los fondos y materiales con los cuales se creara arte. Y créalo hay muchos materiales en buenas condiciones en la basura, esto no es una sorpresa para ninguno .
“Día de Muertos una celebración de vida”, incorpora el reciclaje de materiales de segunda mano, con la idea de minimizar la cantidad de objetos que terminan en la basura y creando con esto un ahorro significativo para construir el arte que estara en la exhibiciones del 2023.


TlālōcānA depiction of the land of the the deity of water and wind, Tlāloc.And Installation Sculpture Celebrating One of the Most Popular Gods of the Nahua MythologyThis is a region or paradise of Tlāloc, the deity related to water and wind. The most common and iconic...

Elements of the Ofrenda

Elements of the Ofrenda

What Is an Ofrenda?The dialogue between two worlds.From the Neanderthal, to more recent past civilizations, to our own modern times, the belief in life after death has been present. Each culture has traditions and customs in place to reckon with this belief. The...



MacarioA screening of the iconic 1960 magical realist film directed by Roberto Gavaldón.Only a limited number of free tickets were available. if you still ant to see the movie Macario will be at Woodburn Historical Museum / Bungalow Theatre on the 30 of October  with...

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