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A depiction of the land of the the deity of water and wind, Tlāloc.

And Installation Sculpture Celebrating One of the Most Popular Gods of the Nahua Mythology

This is a region or paradise of Tlāloc, the deity related to water and wind. The most common and iconic place of the afterlife has always been the underworld. From the Occidental religious understanding, the afterlife is understood in terms of Heaven and Hell. For our Nahua ancestors,  this concept of good and evil did not exist. Instead, where a person goes when they die depends on the manner of their death. In the case of Tlālōcān, any person who had a death related to water, drowning, lighting and some diseases will go to this place. Tlālōcān represents abundance and rest. Usually the dead were incinerated, but in these cases they were buried like a seed in the ground.


El Tlalocan o paraíso de Tláloc, dios de la lluvia. A este sitio se dirigían aquellos que morían en circunstancias relacionadas con el agua: los ahogados, los que morían por efecto de un rayo, los que morían por enfermedades como la gota o lahidropesía, la sarna o las bubas, así como también los niños sacrificados al dios. El Tlalocan era un lugar de reposo y de abundancia. Aunque los muertos generalmente se incineraban, los predestinados a Tláloc se enterraban, como las semillas, para germinar.


Hillsboro Oregon Installation

  • 4400 NE Airport Rd
  • Hillsboro, OR 97124
  • Alejandro IV Barragán
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October 25 2023 – November 16

M-F / Hrs: 10:00am – 8:00pm

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