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The Zone

Dia de Muertos Art Exhibit

Propulsion Zone in downtown Portland will host most of the art installations of the 2023 Festival.

Posada Installation

Arbery’s Ofrenda

November Schedule / Every Wednesday open from 4:00 pm to 8:00pm

Or by appointment please contact

Dia de Muertos Ceremony and Aztec Dance and Art installations that will tell the story of the Day of the Dead.

Oregon  Present Huehca Omeyocan Ancestral Aztec Dace. Performing a Day of the Dead Ceremony 7:00pm November 2, 2023

Art exhibit and Day of the Dead installations will be hosted at The Zone:

Oferenda: Traditional unique ofrenda.

The Mictlan: The mythological journey of Quetzalcoatl to rescue the bones of his father in the underworld.

The Alebrije: This is a fantastic creature originally not part of the Day of the Dead. However, Alebrijes are know as cultural icons of Mexican culture these days, so of course we had to include one in the festivities!

The Afterlife Town: An abstract sculptural representation of what the afterlife will be like, based on the tradition. Made from a recycled wood from a 1800 dismantled organ, which was a donation from the Oregon Buddhist Temple.

Posada: Mural created in honor of Jose Guadalupe Posada.

Arbery’s ofrenda: Who is allowed to dream? A mixed media sculpture.

Art Exhibit: Printmaking, Painting, photography and sculpture.

Giant skeletons and more.

Las nuevas oficinas de Propulsion Network es un espacio de 6000 pies cuadrados localizado en el centro de Portland Oregon. Este espacio alberga, galeria de arte, lugar para eventos culturales, estudios de grabacion para audio y talleres de grabado, carpinteria, metal, etc. Cinco principales installaciones del festival de dia de Muertos seran exhibidas en este lugar.

Propulsion Zone

  • Martínez Hueca Omeyocan
  • Alejandro IV Barragán
  • Eduardo Cruz
  • Deborah Alastra
  • Indio sin Dios
  • Irma Bastida
  • Hampton Rodriguez
  • Danielle Bean
  • Fernando Soto
  • Victor Miguel Barragan
  • Maricela Figueroa
  • Violeta Juarez
  • Alejandra Luckie
  • Salvador Salva
  • Juan Carlos Reyes
  • Hector Guerrero
  • Jorge Porrata
  • Agustin Garcia Reyes
  • Violeta Juárez
  • Eduardo Martínez Monroy
  • Yokebed Islas
  • Eric Pozos Vásquez
  • Cocotzin Prieto
  • Alejandra Luckie
  • Rebeca Jiménez Marcos
  • Azul Celeste
  • Learn more about our artists

November Schedule / Every Wednesday open from 4:00 pm to 8:00pm

Or by appointment please contact



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Café United

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Mexican Consulate

Mexican Consulate

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